I'll Ask The Audience

by Fly By Night

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Our first EP, written and recorded in October 2009.


released November 16, 2009

All songs written by Michael Buttigieg, Dean Taylor, Matt Ives, Harry Stokes



all rights reserved


Fly By Night London, UK

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Track Name: Dedication
It’s too late
Everything’s so different now
I can see it in your face
Cos it’s all about the choice that make
It makes this so unclear to me
Don’t say it was a mistake
You said you love me I don’t understand what’s changed

You’re my dedication
Oh I said you’re my dedication
In my eyes I will believe
You’re standing right next to me

The rain
It’s falling faster and faster
And echoing my screams
They’re getting louder I keep waking from my dreams
I put this all behind me
And try to start again
This is me this is what you never got to see
Track Name: Worthless Conversations
Decisions made, against the grain
You said to me, that I don’t mean a thing
So give me answers, and I’ll tell you lies
Please not more questions, about our lives

I can picture you sitting on your own in your armchair
Telling me that life has become such a nightmare
You’re not giving me an explanation
Now your life can continue right on into the future
Cos I’m right here being taught by a teacher
You’re not so worthy of my time

So how do you take me back to the start
Where we left our broken hearts
We missed each other, we missed each other
So how do make me so much stronger
Than I was when we met years ago
We loved each other
Each other

I feel sorry for the person you’ve became
Please tell me, please tell me your name
This is not what I planned when I woke up this morning
But it’s similar to the picture I’m drawing
You’re not so worth of my time

You’re not what you’re supposed to be
I am what I’m supposed to be
You’re not what you’re supposed to
Can someone please save me from this conversation?
Track Name: Time To Live A Lie
I don’t want to send you away
When there is wrong there is a right
You’re getting harder to blame
Tell yourself you’re going to be alright
Cos I won’t miss you much you’re free tonight
Trying hard I’m only saving myself
But it’s the least that I can do

You said it all before
My life has changed and you’re not there
And I’m feeling so much stronger
Believe me when I say hello goodbye
And I will try to wonder what it would be like without you here
You keep me waiting longer, my imposter
It’s time to live a lie

We are the ones who meant to be
The ones that end in misery
Take me, take me
I’ll take one step forwards
I’m trying not to speak
I’ll take one step backwards
I’ll watch you as you sleep
I’ll take one step forwards
But it’s something that I know
When you’re suffocating me it’s just not right
It’s just not right